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Adobera Project Presented to the Curacautín Municipal Council

On October 12th, the Adobera Geothermal project was presented to the Municipal Council of Curacautín, in Curacautín. This activity was developed within the framework of the early stakeholder engagement actions that the company is promoting with the community. The Curacautín Council was chaired by Mayor Víctor Barrera and had the participation of all the councillors.

On the occasion, the local authorities were able to learn about the scope of the project; its main technical characteristics; the location and the details of the consortium of companies that participate in this initiative; which, in its first stage of exploration, seeks to confirm the existence of sufficient geothermal resource to develop a power plant with a capacity of  3 MW; with an option to increase the power production to 9 MW if the resource is adequate.

The community authorities valued this early approach of the company with the municipality and highlighted the need to socialize the project with the community and its organizations.

In this context, Mayor Víctor Barrera pointed out the willingness of the local government to support the socialization of the project among the residents of Curacautín; insisting on the importance that the inhabitants of the commune can be informed about the scope of the project and can share their observations.