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Early stakeholder engagement, a priority for Adobera

Aligned with the vision and policies of sustainability of the company, prior to the start of the deep exploration works of the Adobera Geothermal Project, an intense agenda of meetings with authorities and public services have been developed since April 2021.

These meetings are part of the first stage of the Early Stakeholder Engagement Plan to promote instances and communication channels that allow the authorities and services to be informed about the start of exploration works and project activities, the scope of the deep exploration program, the general characteristics of the project and the company that is promoting its development, Adobera SpA.

These meetings have also made it possible to collect very valuable recommendations and observations to improve the project and its socialization.

With the presentation of the Adobera Project to the Municipal Council of Curacautín, the first stage of the stakeholder engagement was concluded. Our next challenge is to initiate direct relationships with the neighbours and organizations of the community. For Adobera SpA it is essential to generate communication channels through which the community and authorities can express their concerns, questions, and recommendations to our project.